Mark & Chris­tine

In 35 years of repeated remod­el­ing and land­scap­ing jobs on our home in Oak­land hills, we’ve come across only two other con­trac­tors we were any where near as happy with as Nathan. Nathan excels in all aspects of the work. He knows a lot about plants and design and offers his valu­able opin­ion when asked, but doesn’t push his views. He had sev­eral sug­ges­tions to change the architect’s plan (which was very good to start with) that greatly improved the job. His bid was a bit higher than aver­age, but he doesn’t “nickel and dime”–thus prob­a­bly comes in lower at the end. (It is a real plea­sure to work that way). He is flex­i­ble and eas­ily accepts changes that occur as the the job pro­gresses. The qual­ity of his work is equally out­stand­ing. His crews are extremely com­pe­tent, quiet, friendly and very pro­fes­sional. There are no long absences while the job sits, yet when the plant we wanted was out of stock, with no real deliv­ery date set, Nathan was quite will­ing to agree to wait as we wanted, rather than go with sec­ond best. He then worked hard to find a source of the pre­ferred plants. When some of the sod pro­vided to him were not up to stan­dard, he worked hard and quickly to get the sup­plier to fix the prob­lem and com­mit­ted him­self to mak­ing us happy. We would absolutely have him back to do another job.