Anthony S.

We used Nathan’s com­pany to do a sim­ple small front yard trans­for­ma­tion, from all lawn to part lawn and part plant­ing area. He installed two trees, a cou­ple dozen small plants, irri­ga­tion, pavers, mulch, etc. He and I picked out the plants together. He offered sug­ges­tions about plants and design, but did not impose his vision on mine. The over­all result is a great improve­ment. His prices were not at the low end and were not at the high end either. They were some­where in the mid­dle and we felt they were rea­son­able. Address­ing a less tan­gi­ble fac­tor, I found Nathan to be unusu­ally direct, clear, rea­son­able, and open. It was very easy to deal with him and his work­ers, who were all pro­fes­sional, respon­sive, and pleas­ant. He seems to have a very good rela­tion­ship and good com­mu­ni­ca­tion (and he speaks Span­ish) with his employees which I have found to be a good sign. As far as the mechan­ics of the process, his (larger than expected) team appeared on the agreed day and almost com­pleted the work that first day. I had planned for at least sev­eral days of messy work, and was pleas­antly sur­prised to see it all neatly com­pleted in a day-and-a-half. In short, we are very happy with Nathan’s per­for­mance and would use him again with­out a doubt. Anthony