Andrea S.

I am a Land­scape Archi­tect work­ing in the Bay Area and have had the oppor­tu­nity and plea­sure to work together with Nathan Pars­ley and Green Gallery Land­scap­ing. Nathan has a great eye for aes­thet­ics, he is effi­cient and timely but also pays close atten­tion to detail. Nathan is also a quick deci­sion maker — wrap­ping his head around poten­tial issues, and find­ing work­able solu­tions with ease. Rare, but nice to find, he is fun to work with, which is impor­tant in any kind of remodel or new project! For sev­eral years his crew and I have suc­cess­fully designed and installed many beautiful gar­dens, now enjoyed by many happy home­own­ers. I highly rec­om­mend Nathan and his crew for any size land­scape project!